Thor Tampers  updated Nov. 5 2009
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One Customer's opinion
I carried my tamper around the house with me the first three days before I could finally just leave it in the kitchen.
 These are one of a kind lovingly hand-crafted items that give so much enjoyment - I would like to think that the
person making these beautiful items was enjoying making them as much as I was enjoying using them. So please
give Les some room to enjoy what he does. If you didn't place your order sooner, then just be thankful that your
order is placed now and that someday you'll have your tamper - forever."  Michael B
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I am a small shop, and Paypal is the only way I can take payments over the Internet efficiently.   If you don't see what you like, e-mail me and we can
figure something special out!  I enjoy doing custom orders and don't charge extra for them.  I try to build inventory when I have time.  So if you order
a custom tamper it will be made before I build more inventory.  As soon as you order a tamper, I put it on a list to be made.  I try to get them done as
fast as I can.  The whole process does take time.  From start to finish it takes over a week to make a tamper. As a matter of efficiency, I do make
more than one tamper as I proceed through the various steps.  Finishing the base alone takes 14 steps!
Les Albjerg, Craftsman
Les Albjerg
2140 SW Burdette Dr.
Roseburg, OR   97471
(541) 679-4672
YES that is a photo of Boise, Idaho.
Thor Tamper will be moving to Boise
in December.  I don't know all of the
details yet.
Two Desert Ironwood tampers.  The tamper on the left is a very nice standard Ironwood
tamper.  The one on the right came from the very expensive Burl.  The cost of a standard
Desert Ironwood tamper is 70-80 dollars depending upon which supply it came from.  
The Burl tampers are 150.00.   I have a nice supply of Desert Ironwood, but it is getting
more and more difficult to get.  It isn't the easiest wood to work with, but the beauty is
This is how I have to suit up to turn Cocobolo (picture on the
right).  It is one of my favorite woods, but it doesn't like me.  I
am no longer going to take custom orders out Cocobolo.  I lost
almost a month in the shop due to a bad reaction.  I will suit up
on occasion and make Cocobolo items and post them.  It is a
beautiful wood, but I must limit my exposure to the dust.
Les Albjerg, Craftsman
Twenty mid manager positions were cut at my
former place of employment during the day.  I
was one of them.  As many may have noticed,
Thor tamper has not been too active of late.  I
have poured my energy into my day job as the
Director of Spiritual Care at Mercy Medical
Center in Roseburg, Oregon.  I am committed to
get all back orders done before I leave for Boise.  
I don't know where I am going to live.  However,
I am going back to a staff postion as a chaplain at
St. Luke's Hospital, so I will not be putting in the
crazy hours that I had to as a Director, so I will
have more time to do wood working once we are
settled in Boise.  I have lived in Roseburg for 20
years.  It will be hard to leave, but Boise seems
very nice.  I will try to keep a good inventory
going, but custom orders from now on will have to
be discussed knowing that it might take a while.

I have a nice new
supply of Amboyna.  I
am hoping to turn some
of these and put them
into inventory this week.
It sure is a bummer
having to move!  I have
some very nice wood in
inventory right now, and
I have some time to
turn, but also have a lot
of packing and weeding
to do as well!  Thank
you all for your support
of Thor Tamper.