Thor Tamper
Updated November 3, 2006  Les Albjerg,  Craftsman

Machine make-overs are taking off!  I enjoy making these parts, but they do take
time.  I will be limiting make-overs to one a month.  I made my first knock box.  I am
not 100% happy with it.  I should be offering knock boxes some time in 2007.  I have
some other projects in mind, but I won't be announcing them until I can offer them!

I still have some nice Desert Ironwood.
I am looking forward to making a tamper for you!
Purpleheart tamper and matching knock
Light Desert Ironwood.  This is from the
special wood that I have.  It has a lot of
3-D effect.
Koa wood tamper.  Koa comes from
Hawaii.  The picture can not show the
3-D affect this wood has when moved.
Triple Play made from Bois de Rose,
Pink Ivory, and Ebony
when I am out I will be out.when I am
out I will be out.
Triple Play that is for a
La Spaziale S1 in
Kansas City
50 mm Santos Rosewood.  This tamper
was made for one of the odd-ball
machines that has a basket that is a little
too big for a 49mm